Liam Silkes

Amoral Sniper


Far darker in mood than his pale skin or fur should suggest, Liam “Silky” Silkes watches the world with a slightly too-intense gaze. His ears twitch as though irritated at the eyepatch covering his empty socket, twisting to focus on nearby loud noises.

His armor is haphazard in quality and care, but slapped with enchantments that evoke the elements. A woven black length of cloth with a white skull emblem hangs between his bandolier and belt, both of the latter riddled with ammunition, explosives, vials, and heavy pouches.

He carries an assortment of rifles, from a short-barrelled carbine to a heavy sniping rifle with revolver cylinder. An array of knives hang from the back of his hip, even though his claws would do a far better job than the simple blades. A quiver paradoxically hangs from the other hip, fletched with an array of arrows.


Available to those who have service time in the Gilnean military or Northgate rebellion, or access to the records of such.

Largely unknown, the name “Liam Silkes” is listed in the former army of Gilneas as a sergeant.

With access to said records – or the memory of appropriate officers – it would be said that “Silky” was a highly gifted marksman with a strong streak of authority issues and inappropriate conduct that led to his dishonorable discharge.

To the Northgate Rebellion, “Silky” was also known to have an almost belligerent disregard for the safety of others, studying mechanical arts with the steamwrights before the worgen crisis. He was known to profess a terrible hatred for nobility, finding the idea of even foreign monarchs detestable.

Immediately before the fall of Gilneas, he was arrested by the watch for investigation to a series of assaults and murders. Obviously, the worgen and forsaken both broke any chance of a trial.

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Liam Silkes

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