Orphaned Witchdoctor


His well-kept dreadlocks are pulled back, exposing his shoulders. Scars and war paint adorn his body. Sweat streaks his face, but he doesn’t do anything to change that, simply letting it bead on his skin.

His hygiene is quite good, even brushing his tusks with regularity. His robes are formal, adorned with fetishes and trophies, feathers and small tar babies.

His eyes are serious, and his voice is cruel.


Joo wan’ me life story, eh? No’ much to it.

Was normal fros’mane zul. Dat’s wha’ we call dem pries’, mon!

Den one dey, dis Zandalari mon is all “Joo attack de dwarf, an’ we give joo de back up!”. I don’ like it. Zandalar is all de way across de worl’, mon. I red dem books.

“Vul’jin’s Horde closer, mon. Dey has Darkspear all over de place. And dey be much more happy tu help de fros’mane if I’oforge is tu tough tu crack.” I go tu be an emissary tu joo kind, mon. No’ diff’ren’ from de Blackrock, or Drag’nmaw, de Drakkari exiles. Joo no wha’ I men, mon.

‘Cept while I & I was sailin’ tu Kalimdor, who com’ vis’t but me paren’s an’ brodder? Dey got all heated, an’ took on some dem dwarf an’ de human king. Now I go’ nowhere tu go. Bu’ my fam’ly here wid me, an’ de Horde is where want’d tu see. Now, I have home here.

So ‘for de Horde’, mon!

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