Nilaraei Starsong

Angry highborn ghost


When able to manifest, the kal’dorei burns with wroth, her blue-white eyes glaring at all that she sees. Blue, straight hair over an angry face. Tall, enrobed, and enraged.

Whenever her strength should wane, her will to fight diminish, she retreats then into the corpse she possesses. Rotting skin and bloated muscle, a corpse in every way bar motion and the reflection of her cold, hateful determination to kill.


“I don’t remember, and I don’t want to remember. I was slain as I slept, by the common filth who served me. I will slay them, and their descendants, and you will help me, get out of my way, or die as they do."

Category: Warcraft Characters

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Nilaraei Starsong

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