Resivirae Mulrien

Merchant, of sorts.


Long white-blonde hair, either in a tight ponytail or front-flowing. Typically bound into a hood or cover to prevent it becoming a liability in combat, though she leaves her ears uncovered if possible. Any piercings she may have had in her lobes have long since healed.

Mismatched green eyes, right paler than left, with a thin scar running across both eyelid and brow over it. Her gaze constantly shifts about, never really seeming comfortable or ‘relaxed’. Immaculately trimmed, her eyebrows are stylized in the latest fashion.

Her tone tends to be flippant or snarky, using too much sarcasm to tell which it could be. Her timbre is midrange, with a slight hard edge offputting any sense of music it may have had naturally.

Lithe build, slender even by elven standards. Pale despite her best efforts to achieve otherwise. When she moves, it is with as much care and deliberation as she can afford, dichotomous to the active excitement of her eyes.

Carries two daggers, one on each hip. A dagger in her boot, a variety of pouches strapped to her arms and thighs. A heavy bag slung and a staff over her shoulder. Wears a silver ring with a red symbol of Silvermoon.


From SI:7 Records

Resivirae Mulrien: second daughter to the controversial late merchant Emnaeus Mulrien. Father presumed dead during the Scourge invasion of Quel’thalas. Prior to the Scourge attack, Resivirae was typically present as a factor or tally-servant in service to her kin. Mother deceased in early life, due to misfortune at sea. Sister also missing, in same period as father, assumed deceased.

Owner of the Crimson Tempest, a trading vessel formerly in the possession of her father. Trading licenses include the sale of supplies and luxuries to and from the former kingdom of Gilneas, and the nation of Kul’Tiras. SI:7 notes that the Crimson Tempest or ships identical have been sighted in Westfall, in conjunction with the Defias threat, with further investigation locating the same under berth in the docks of Baron Revilgaz, and reportedly in the region of Vash’jir.

“Mulrien”, inventively named trading company established by Emaneus, lists in the Silvermoon, Steamwheedle, and Lordaeron exchanges as a “purveyor of fine and exotic goods; wares”, their ledgers displaying sales of herbal ‘remedies’, liquor, and ‘entertainer contracts’.

Resivirae has personally had four investigations against her by the forces of Silvermoon.

First for the suspicion of poisoning murder of a trading magnate and magister’s son; investigation cancelled due to recanting of and contradictory witness testimonies. Once on her return from a ‘trading expedition’ to the enportaled expanse known as the Outlands, for suspicion of being a Sunfury agent; investigation cancelled due to proof of trade profit. Twice since for suspicion of illegal weapons, drugs, slave, magic, and archaeological artefact trading; investigations called off respectively by order of Blood Champion Redacted, and by lack of evidence respectively.

No known long-term associates, no known relationships, no known surviving family.

Neither as cunning nor conniving as her possibly late father. Not considered a threat to the security of Stormwind.

Long live the King.

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Resivirae Mulrien

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