Ronabriel Dabyrie

The shambling knight


Jerking, ragged movements shift his body across the terrain, clumsy and haggard. Decrepit muscles tense and flex beneath rusted chain and frayed leather, the skin beneath faring not much better. Only the crest of the kingdom of Strom remains polished and clean.

Burning yellow eyes stare beneath thick black hair that clings at points to his frame. His jaw shut, clenched, giving little room to speak with a tongue long missing.

His weapon pitted, his shield dented, he drags himself forward, moving with a determination that death could not stop.

The shambling knight roams once more.


A knight strode on for’erd, heedless to blood
That flow’ed from the woundings, that ran as a flood
His sword cleav’ed sunder, yonder trolls of the hill
‘Till at last arrows found heart, and now he lies still
Mourn oh ye travel’er, for the hero now lain
For his life was giv’en, so you may roam this plain.

The servants of the prince of Lordaeron gave no heed to the tombstone of the cairn that they plundered, gave no thought to the angered slave that was forced once more to life. He was sent at the Elfgates, and then left to prey on the human survivors of his homeland.

It was the Banshee Queen that freed him so he could once again find peace.

His honor demands that he return that magnanimity, roaming until he has served his debt. Only then will he sleep once more the sleep of the dead.

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Ronabriel Dabyrie

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