Former Argent Gruntling


Stocky, with fresh beard growth and uncut teeth. A young orc, by any measure, but tall enough to wear the same armor as the grunts.

Usually dirty, stains on his boots and gloves.


A former orcish farm orphan who found his only joy was to be escorted by adventurers to see the wonders of the world.

The argent crusade opened up a tournament ground, and he found himself in the care of adventurers once again, this time, learning the ways of the world in more than just small spatterings of visitation.

First as a gruntling to an elven knight, and then later as a herald to the guild the paladin championed. He studied often with how to avoid being injured, and practiced with his Red Rider Air Rifle until he became somewhat steady with his shots.

It was while serving that he learned a small spattering of his past. He remembered a home, burned down, within just fragments of memory of a life he had long grown to forget.

Though his searching led him to the ruins of Arathor, to the orcish colonial farm there, he still searches for the meaning of the etchings on the axe delivered to his orphanage, and indeed to his being made an orphan.

Recently, he has begun importing mogu pumpkin seeds to grow in the farm region, due to increased demand for the pandaren flavor and the resilience the vegetable shows against various weeds.

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