Zenithas Tho'renias

Fanatical Elven Defender


Short Description

Scarred up, angry looking elf with too much equipment over multiple layers of scale and plate.

A large tome hangs, chained to his waist belt, and he is strapped with bandoleers and pouches, which in turn support everything from a combat knife to flareguns and grenades.

Commonly wields a warhammer and shield, though he carries a variety of other weapons on slings over his back.

Smells like oil. Followed by gusts of elemental air and occasional eerie whispers. Tends to seem intense with his mismatched gaze.

Long Description

Includes details assumed to be found by an in-depth study or inspection, including magical signatures in case of assensing.

Youthful, but heavily scarred, with a vicious seeming smile almost always on his face. His eyes, green-burning, betray an intensity that can easily be interpreted as challenging or hostile, though his right eye is paler than his left, and a small tinge of green bleeds into his skin around there; a result of wounds that have had fel iron ore dust infect them. Any exposed skin, including his face, is lined with dozens of thin lines, cuts that healed from haphazard magic and first aid, left untended while pushing his body as hard as he can. Burns over some portions of his skin have been healed; but leave pale marks.

His hair is roughly cut in direct contrast to typical sin’dorei fashion, even if still long and held in a ponytail. It’s clean, but otherwise untended, often bearing the result of hours or days of helmet use.

Zenithas is naturally lithe by merit of his race, but his almost incessant training has added heavy muscle weight. While not as broad as orcs nor even humans can achieve, his slightly shorter height than elven standard helps him to seem quite athletic. Even when relaxing, the times that are quiet he will spend pacing, flexing, stretching, seeming always on the lookout for trouble – or perhaps, hoping for it.

His extremely heavy robes are well-maintained, though evidently suffering from lines of stitches where the fabric has been shorn or ripped. Beneath that, multiple layers of scale mail strap to a breastplate frame. His gauntlets and bracers carry a large number of steam-pressured and elemental-charged gizmos, from signal whistles to emergency flares. Nothing is more complex than can be activated with a quick flick of a switch or twist of a dial. For the most part, the armour is smooth, emphasising deflection over retaliation, the cloth designed to be easily replaced.

His tower shield is visibly ensorcelled, lined with fel crystals and shaped to deny catchment by weapons. On the inside of the guard, just above where his forearm lays, are a variety of small, esoteric runes that are structured with arrows pointing to and from each other. Each rune is the orcish or thalassian symbol for various elemental powers, a flow chart cheat sheet of elemental magics.

As a master armoursmith, his personal seal is etched into every plate piece, and every larger scale, and unlike the cloth that shields it from the elements, the suit itself is pristine, glistening with a dark violet gloss that matches the bulk of his shield. Hundreds of arcane patterns decorate his armour, overlapping wards against injury and effect.

Zenithas has worked for years on a smith’s mallet that can be wielded with pride in battle, and has culminated his work with a rune-etched hammer that mounts an infernal’s core in the crux of the head, spilling felfire from the tip as if a green-hued torch. The pommel of the shaft is lined with hooks, and strapped with a chain lanyard to prevent it’s loss, though both have proven use in hand to hand combat, both for scouring flesh and choking his foe.

His sideblade is a simple mithril dagger that betrays nothing bizarre other than a section of hammerhead serration next to the guard.

Several flareguns and a bandoleer of grenades are strapped to his body, at easy reach in times of need, alongside dozens of glass vials seemingly filled with sand, potions, and powder.

Numerous bags and pouches line his belt, and a number of book carriers hang from his backpack, each heavy with papyrus, vellum, and parchment. A simple, silverpine oaken scroll case hangs from his unweapon’ed hip, next to a variety of tools and gadgets. Alongside his scrolls and books, a large leatherbound tome hangs, swinging from a simple iron chain.

Zenithas does not carry a backpack per se, but rather carries spears, flag poles, fishing rods, and myriad other things slung over his back, at reach in case he has need for them. In particular, he carries several banners for the Horde and the Lotus, both of which crafted to double as a piercing spike in case of emergency.

An unintelligible whisper can be heard intermittently from one of his belt pouches, which when opened tends to shed a tiny amount of evaporating silver-white dust. Typically, his step is heavy, with the weight he carries, and his armour is prone to the noise of thousands of moving metal plates.

Between his reagents, inventions, and weapon care, the smell of goblin fuel and engineering oil mix with the slight trace of old blood and ichour over his skin.

A faint breeze seems to follow him, centred around a pouch of reagents on his belt. As an member of the sin’dorei, Zenithas exudes a fel aura, brought about by the pact of Illidan made during the months following the Sunwell’s destruction. Mystically, he has a large amount of void essence flowing about himself, the byproduct of years of enslaving the Light to his whim. His bags are highly imbued with arcane energies.


Available through any public channels that access records of the Silver Hand, Blood Knights of Silvermoon, Church of the Holy Light, SI:7, and Kor’kron.


Part of the Tho’renias family stewardship who tended to Thandol Span under the Anvilmar family.

Foppish bookworm, no combat expertise, interest in arcane and occult lore. Studied to be Knight of the Silver Hand – failed physical requirements, assigned to Church of the Holy Light as book-keeper.

Post Third War

After a some months in absentia, applied for and became Blood Knight under Liadrin. Served in battles across all three dominions (Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Draenor) with distinction.

Achieved recognition as armsmaster and blood knight champion. Earned great recognition with Argent Dawn, Cenarion Circle. Heavily decorated for contributions for the Frostwolf clan against the Stormpikes. Confirmed sightings in raids on Stormwind, Darnassus, the Exodar.

Assisted in assault on Zul’Aman, assisted heavily in fall of Kael’thas and liberation of Quel’danas. Achieved infamy for open slaughter of Alliance forces in disregard – and oftentimes conflict – with neutral forces stationed there.

Despite this, achieved titular recognition with the Shattered Sun Alliance.

Post Wrathgate

Confirmed survivor of the Wrathgate massacre, participated in the liberation of the Undercity of Lordaeron.

Became champion of each city of the Horde in representation at Argent Tournament. Noted for vicious combative tactics – such as ambushing Alliance forces questing to assist Argent Crusade.

Involved peripherally in the assaults on Icecrown Citadel. Known to have much greater involvement in countering Alliance measures to do so – leading assault squads on multiple “ship raids” onto the Icecrown airship and several naval boats to and from Northrend.

Attended, assisted heavily in liberation of Echo Isles under Vul’jin.

Suspected for having begun assaults on Alliance settlements and holdings at this point.

Post Shattering

Whereabouts unknown. Absent from reporting in, assumed deceased in assault by Deathwing.

It should be noted that a number of assaults occurred with one or more ‘heavily armored elves’ in the assistance of the Forsaken of Lordaeron, including the destruction of Hillsbrad.

Most reports involved ritualistic, voodoun-style sacrifice and torture of victims, and occult activities.

No confirmed sightings are reported, however, and observers were reminded that many former Quel’dorei (including many Dark Rangers) exist within the Forsaken.

No confirmation from Defilers nor Apothecary society as to possible involvement as unlisted troop force.

Post Thunder Isles Incursion

Re-emerged from MIA without explanation, once again participating in skirmishes as part of the official Horde forces. Heavily favors the Outriders over the other assault fronts.

Reported to have begun typical tactics in neutral territories of the Timeless Isle, Isle of Thunder, by assaulting vulnerable Alliance forces situated there. Favors a hit-and-run style to lure forces further into ambush.

Heavily involved in events of Silvermoon and Sunreaver forces. Noted refers to self as “proactive defender of the Sin’dorei”.

Has begun public advertising company listed as “Thandol Span Advertisements”. Uses public-viewing, shock tactics to draw attention to notices and events; typically flags or signs mounted in public places, aerial bombings of paper fliers. Denies heavy anti-Alliance bias in said advertisements.

Post Siege of Orgrimmar

Did nothing to help the siege, though he never spoke out about Vol’jin seeking to overthrow Garrosh. Suspected involvement in the killing of various Alliance support troops, and may have been responsible for the bombing of one alliance battleship.

Reported to continue roaming Stonetalon, the Timeless Isle, and Isle of Thunder. Attacks in the new timescape of Draenor have been all but absent, unknown presence there.

Thandol Span Advertisements, suffering financial maintenance issues, have been increasingly anti-Alliance and racially provocative, including a large number of personally slanderous attacks about notable figures of the Alliance. Advertisements have started surfacing in Stormwind, sometimes delivered as a primary payload before a bombing.

Post New Portal

Assigned a small garrison at the foot of Bladespire Citadel, has largely focused on resisting and returning attacks against Highmaul incursions.

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